We all know that the career of being a Web Developer or Web Designer is really having a good time, the pay is absolutely above the average. But, when it comes to being an expert at Magento or being a Magento Developer, everyone is asking why they are really above the norm.

Our Suggestion…

We understand that for merchants, big or small, single entrepreneur or a company would want the best out of their investment. And, to get that we would recommend that one would approach a professional eCommerce Development Company to do it for them. Why a company which is expensive than rather hire a freelancer who has the know-how?

e-commerce-developmentWell, first of all, we would agree and would not be lying to you that having a company to do the eCommerce Development Service would be quite pricey, but you get absolutely what you pay for and on time. The thing is, they are a group of professionals and each one of them is a specialist. As for a freelancer, he could just be a web developer, possibly not even certified.


Having a team to do your work will give you the best in every aspect of the website, when you hire a company, the project that you will provide will be divided into several parts each to a specialist of the field, for the back-end and overall management, a Magento Web Developer would be supervising (usually Magento is always the platform for an eCommerce site), a web designer for the looks, an SEO expert to rank your site, and a good content writer to put something on it and not leave it blank.

Every one of them has experience on each other’s field, but not as good as the one designated to that field, and all of them can be freelancers. To make it clear, everyone can do another person’s job, but not as good as the person who has been trained for it. Hiring a freelancer could possibly provide you really poor results, then you would resort you to ask consultation from web development companies and to repair it and make it better, you have to pay them, hence you just wasted money so just go directly to them rather than risk it. But, it is really just up to you where would you want you eCommerce Development Service be done.