Fraud Protection Fraud in eCommerce is undeniably growing each day; just from 2013 to 2014, a growth of 33% in this unfortunate act has been of record. This is a danger for both merchant and customer, for that reason, precautions should be done and kept being practiced. Even with good confidence that you are being cautious as much as possible, it is still greater to double the efforts than be sorry. Here are 2 major key pieces advice from a professional Magento Developer that will avoid the events of stolen card use, duplication, and other fraudulent acts to have a stronger and tighter protection:

Focus on Your Regular Avid Buyers
We assure you that it is a struggle for any online merchant to give an easy transaction experience for their customers while preventing any fraud. Tightening the defence against hackers and cons will indeed add another feature that will also affect the good customers. If in times that such fraud mishap would occur, searching for it wouldn’t be fast, but certain ways can make it easy. One key is to find and separate all the regular good customers, check their patterns and order history along with their up-to-date information if it matches accordingly.

Once done, you can now focus on the ones that are left, and then run any verification protocol programs that you have just to check. Registered security questions are one for example that works really well to sort frauds, when unanswered, you will more options to clear things off. This process takes a lot of time both for your end and the customers, but since you already separated your regular and well-valued customers, you are still confident that you did provide them excellent service – minimal risk rather than having a check on all of them.

Make Use of Protection Tools to Eliminate Fraud
Well, we can’t say that it would be a total elimination, but 98% is good enough to have a trustworthy site. Tons of great software are available to directly identify whether or not the transaction has some suspicious elements in it. It can track and detect such malicious acts by checking if the card was tagged as stolen or faulty, or by IP piercing which can see the behaviour of the user – will tag the transaction “risky” if there are sudden changes in the location, such as a sudden transaction from a different state when the last one was just done an hour ago. These software do come at a price, but it will be worth your while as it frees you from the worries and frustration of being a victim from fraud.

By just following these 2 simple key methods, your online store will have better security and will be furthermore trusted compared to your competitors, a real edge for dominance in the game. Magento Developers Sydney is absolute that investing time, money, and effort will provide you total return of investment in no time as people would always prefer to be secured than be cheap.