If you are planning on creating an e-Commerce website through Magento, you have probably thought of doing-it-yourself. But is it a good idea or not? Should you DIY Magento or Hire Magento Developer Sydney?

First, let’s say that you have no prior experience with Magento but have tried other platforms before. Is it the same? Sadly, no. Magento differs from other platforms because you can actually customize the codes according to your requirement and that is not an easy skill to master. You will not to have prior with scripting, coding, html codes, and CSS and more that you can find with web development and more.

Is that all? Well even if you have all those necessary skills, it might not actually be enough. Besides the common skills you need to have, you also need to be expert on other areas. You will have to needto have strong knowledge in building B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions. Also you need to understand and know how to use LAMP stack, JavaScript/query, Magento, HTML, CSS, API platforms and agile processes.


magento developer sydney

Magento Developer Sydney

Those are just the basic skills of a Magento Developer but there are other things you need to be able to do such as good memory. Why? That’s because it’s difficult or nearly impossible to finish your task if you go back and forth on your variables, objects and codes. Having a good memory becomes a mandatory skill in order to create the website. Not just that, you need to have extensive knowledge with the most basic Magento extensions as well as other extensions that are useful.

Besides coding skills, you need to possess other skilsl can can improve your e-commerce website such as SEO skills. Not all developers have this so the best way to get that is to either learn it or hire a magento team developers.

And lastly, should be creativity. Since Magento is available to use by anyone with the skills, it’s important that you can utilise the platform to make it synch with your product or services.

In conclusion, there is no person in the world that can do Magento by himself. It’s impossible. It’s better to hire Magento Developer and a team to help you use Magento extensively. You’re not just getting a developer but a whole team that are expert in other areas such as SEO, web design and more.