The general aspect or perspective when we talk about eCommerce is simply the means of transaction online, business over the internet in simplest of words. It may sound pretty basic when talking about the online version of a store, but to be in keen detail, choosing the foundation alone is superiorly complex than physical construction.
Unlike requiring materials such as wood and cement to build the walls of your shop, in eCommerce, that is all in compact when choosing an eCommerce platform. This will be the core or the engine for your shop to continue functioning – the backbone – these CMS are built differently and uniquely fitting a purpose. Magento, on the other hand, fits the purpose of providing extreme quality in online businesses, but it isn’t for everyone.
Here is an introduction to Magento by Magento developers Sydney that focuses on the pros and cons it will provide:-
Total Customization
Flexibility is a gift as they say for the human body, not everyone can bend 180 degrees. One thing we can compare of is the ability on how Magento is able to allow the alterations of designs and themes simply basing from categories. Online stores that will facade multiple products from different categories need to have a diverse option on appearances per page. One page may be dedicated to sportswear while another would be cosmetics, they should have different themes, if possible, to offer better ambience and customer retention, giving better user interface experience unavailable from other shops – the better experience you provide, the more chances of conversion or selling.
Total Price Control
This is the only platform in the eCommerce industry to offer perks such as bulk purchasing discounts, group product discounts, hiding prices for non-members, and so many more that aren’t possible for other platforms. Typically ideal for huge online stores that are willing to sell in whole or bulk and still versatile enough to cater customers that would just want a single purchase.
Total Catalogue Management
When you own a huge shop, you don’t place your products one by one, you display it in bulk as much as possible; the same goes at an online shop. Instead of displaying, we can replace that word with uploading. This CMS is able to upload products in large volumes saving you time and effort – making it very ideal for those with lots of products to offer from their online store. This is the best choice for stores that steadily grows and adds new products to their front.
There are still a lot more to mention about how great this platform can work, that includes the Multi-Store feature that can allow your shop to have other language versions for international purposes, and premium Order Processing Integration that gives you and your customer an adept up-to-date detail of the shipment or tracking information. But, to make it fair on a general sense, we will now show you the flipside of the coin, the cons.
Durability at its finest, but will cost a lot!
This platform is undeniably sturdy, can endure, and scalable. But, this means this platform will use a lot of resources – what is big will eat big. Thus, servers will not be light in any terms when it comes to Magento. Money should be well placed for the operational cost and maintenance to keep it well running, it does give you a lot of perfect notes but this will only come reasonable for businesses that are into it. To make it clear and concise, small businesses with just a few things in hand should back off for now.
A Professional Magento Developer is required
The CMS that we are talking about isn’t child’s play; this is a fragile giant in terms of management. If you don’t want to have any mishaps along the way, your in-house IT expert will not suffice. It has complexity all over its framework which is based on Zend, needing someone with professional and specialty on it. Fret not, as the community, on the other hand, is broad, making it quite easy to find someone reliable up for the task – but mind you, it will never come cheap.
This is just a brief introduction to Magento to give you a total scope of what you get when you choose this platform. When it comes to overall strengths and features, no one can deny what bounties it will offer, but is it for anyone? The answer will always be no, a small business using this platform with just a handful of services or products to offer is an overkill, the profit you earn will be just half since you need to feed this monster to keep things running.