The world has changed; it just felt like it was yesterday when men would really need to go his favourite mall or appliance center just to get what he wants. But now, the present has provided man with wondrous technologies that has enabled us to get what we want just by the click of a mouse in front of a computer. We now all know it as eCommerce, when you buy something over the internet, or sell something or any transaction at all by just utilising the internet.

Merchants of all sizes are now very intrigued and into this new industry of having their very own online store, or more formally called an eCommerce Website. Leading giants today are like Amazon and eBay, Amazon leading at US$88 Billion! Now that it has shown great success, what more do you want to be explained why entrepreneurs, corporations, and other giant companies would also want to have their own eCommerce site.

Now for everyone that wants to invest in this particular type of business, it is simply not going to be easy, even the start up itself is quite hard and would absolutely take time before it would even materialise.

So let us just start with what is the favourite platform merchants use when they would build their website, which is none other than – Magento

MagentoIntroduction to Magento

Magento is basically an eCommerce platform that is established on an open source technology, which allows merchants with a very good control over the shopping cart system, as well as the appearance, functionality, and content of their website. This platform is considered to be one of the best platforms because it provides outstanding marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), catalog-management tools, and more other features.

Magento is also currently the number 1 eCommerce platform out of 1000 for already 3 consecutive years since 2012. This makes it irrefutably the best and is considered to be by many. However, because of this platforms great flexibility, sturdiness, and overall control for customisation, its programming is quite complex. Even if it is designed to be utilised as an easy application that can be used by anyone who is not a developer, with lots of help and having a great community, it is still extremely huge and at in time the average person is just going to break and get lost.


This is why merchants would always resort to asking assistance or hiring a web development company or agency to do all the work, but just to provide your more details, our team of Magento Developer will show you that this platform has 5 Frameworks –

  • PHP
  • Based on Zend
  • MVC
  • OO
  • Addons

Because of that, customising your website all by yourself would take a lot of time just to study these languages and codes, along with tons of modules. This just doesn’t work for the average person or company who just wants to do their business online. But, this will perfectly work for you if you are already familiar with these; if not then you probably want to have some assistance.

magento features

Why Choose Magento?

There are so many reasons why this platform is so recommended by experts and professional web developers when it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform. But, we will just get to the core reasons why.

The first reason why and is always mentioned a lot every when a person Google’s ‘why choose Magento?’ is because it is an Open Source. The most commonly used version is the Magento Community Edition which comes completely free to use and open source. There are no licensing fees and other hidden charges when you would develop your website using the Magento Community Edition. The Content Management System or CMS is written in the PHP programming language where it is fully configurable, if you know all about PHP, then this would lessen the difficulty. Because it is an Open Source, there are endless possibilities and you simply won’t experience a closed-box limited solution which its CMS is absolutely far from.

SEO friendly! Although all eCommerce Systems requires a few modifications from the outside, and that’s just the way it is, Magento gives you a great start away from the other platforms. It already provides great URLs, Meta tag control, good template structure, site maps, and mobile friendly in the more recent versions. Plus, there are hundreds of free and paid extensions or add-ons that you can install in order for you to enhance everything for its SEO.

Amazingly Scalable! This is the only platform that seems like magic when it comes to changes and upgrades. Let’s get to reality, people are never satisfied and when it comes to growth of the business, your online store doesn’t stay the same size, it grows along with it. This platform is made to be flexible, and it works perfectly at being at it. When you need to do the changes and expansion, you don’t need to fear of changing the codes or have to sacrifice potential income because of downtimes. That’s why it’s just amazing.


Magento is overall undisputedly the greatest when it comes to putting up one’s own eCommerce Website; it has good security as Magento really does put it into high priority. When it comes to investing time, money, and effort it is a must that you should choose what is the best of what you put into it.

If what you want is security, flexibility, extendibility, reliability, and robust with having a lot of features, then choosing this platform will be one of the best decisions you will make in your life. No matter the size or the needs you have, this CMS platform can provide you everything.